32Red Takes the First Steps in Mobile Casino Gaming in Italy

Recent changes in the online gambling laws in Italy have meant that a market that was once considered to be strictly a no-go area for many of the industry’s largest brands is now ripe for the picking, and as of last week, some of the names that many of our readers will be familiar with were prepared to launch a full-scale assault on the newest mobile casino gambling hotbed.

One of the first large brands to enter the market was 32Red Compared to the Korean, one of our most highly recommended mobile casinos went to great lengths to ensure that they were prepared for a smooth launch and ready to take advantage of the tangible first mover advantage in the country. This entailed hiring specialist Italian staff to offer both support and general games tweaks, not to mention tailoring the games themselves and promotions to the new market. The need for this was based on the fact that while foreign companies such as 32red can now enter the market, certain aspects of their offerings still need to comply with the revised legislation.

What put 32Red in such a strong position in Italy is that it was the first among its major competitors to receive full clearance to bring online and mobile casino games to the country. While other companies are still battling their way through the various legal issues associated with an Italian remote gaming licence, 32Red has possessed such a licence since the first half of the year and has put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that everything is just right for their launch in the country.

First on 32Red’s list when it comes to the market are online slots. Italy boasts very few of its own online and mobile casino operators, and the market, which has always been traditionally in favour of gambling, has been crying out for an international provider with the expertise and service levels of 32Red. The company is already a major player across all forms of online gambling and has reported increased revenues on an annual basis for the last five years. The opportunity to enter a market such as Italy is seen by many as being a natural progression, where the barriers to entry are worth overcoming to access such a sector.

A glance at the 32Red website reveals that plans are already well underway.

The company has long been considered an international provider and offers its full suite of services in Italian. They have offered the euro as a currency for several years, so there is certainly no problem there. Italian players can even take advantage of round-the-clock live chat support in their native language, meaning that almost everything an online and mobile casino needs to do for a market has been completed.

While online slots are the first port of call for companies looking to cement their place as the market leader, adapting their mobile casino for the market is certainly next on the list. Approval for such an offering is already in place as part of their existing ten-year operating licence. The viability of such casinos in the country is further proven by the fact that Probability plc also holds a similar licence.

Probability is a publicly traded UK company, just like 32red, and operates several dedicated mobile casinos, including Moobile Games and LadyLucks. In general terms, they have nothing to offer the Italian market other than mobile casino games. The fact that they received similar approval to 32Red means that the Italian government has absolutely no issue with the concept of mobile casinos in the country.

32Red slots are already available to Italian players, officially launching on December 3rd. The company aims to have its mobile casino, powered by Microgaming, up and running in the coming months. The news has been greeted well by industry professionals and investors, with many feeling that there is little that can go wrong with 32Red’s expansion and many analysts marking their stock as a “Buy” option.

32Red is one of the biggest brands in the sector and players have been enjoying their mobile casino for many years. It is highly deserved on our list of recommended mobile casinos, and you can find out more about their offering in our review.

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