For the Love of Painting

Those involved in Learn to Paint 2000 experienced phenomena in the history of modern decorative painting. Never before has SDP, along with the donated help of thousands, impacted the entire craft industry as it did with Learn to Paint. Conceptualized by Doxie Keller and led by Learn to Paint Task Force Chair Gretchen Cagle CDA, Learn to Paint reached 50,000-plus people interested in decorative painting. Beyond introducing a simple decorative painting lesson to thousands, the event introduced others into our world the massive world of products, manufacturers, seminars, publications, teachers, chapters and organizations that revolve around the decorative painting. Learn to Paint has welcomed fresh and enthusiastic faces into the decorative painting industry.

Doxie Keller is considered the driving force behind Learn to Paint, but Doxie says she simply resurrected the idea from a former SDP committee several years ago. Along with the hundreds of product contributors, she praises chapters for the event’s success. “One of the greatest things from Learn to Paint has happened is that chapters caught fire and found joy in teaching and sharing the decorative painting with new people,” Doxie says. “Chapter members are excited, continue to teach classes, and plan follow-up sessions for those Learn to Paint attendees.” Your cards, letters, scrapbooks, videotapes, and e-mail proved that your time and effort made Learn to Paint flow as smoothly as humanly possible. Chapters, individuals, manufacturers and all those who contributed to the event, we thank you for your shared stories, which validate the success of and your enthusiasm for Learn to Paint.

Blue Ribbon Winner After 11-year-old Jacob Heck attended Learn to Paint at the Jo-Anne Fabrics Store in Dillsburg, Pa., he entered his creation into the Dillsburg Farmers Fair in October and captured first place in his division. Jacob attended a class taught by Penn’s Wood Painters of Pennsylvania members.

Class Full of Joy

Membership Boost LTP Task Force Chair Gretchen Cagle CDA and Doxie Keller addressed SDP members at the Nashville Convention in May 2000. “Our intention for Learn to Paint was to grow the industry,” Gretchen says. “Not only is that happening, but we are also growing the Society. We have 523 new members directly resulting from Learn to Paint.”

Cover to Cover

Opening Doors to Teaching

Studio owner and teacher Jeanelle Camel (above left) says Learn to Paint gave her time to devote to her studio after being focused on a family member’s illness for several weeks. In addition, the session was beneficial to her studio in Lafayette, La., as several of her Learn to Paint students enrolled for regular workshops. Numerous SDP members dove into the role of teacher after accepting the opportunity to teach Learn to Paint at a local level.

Fair Time Frolic

Members of Tree to Sea Decorative Artists of California took Learn to Paint outdoors while teaching at the Santa Cruz County Fair. Chapter members say the fair setting allowed the instructors to teach several separate classes in an extended make-it-take-it style without the hassle of registration.

At Home

Chris Thornton, designer of the elegant Learn to Paint piece, taught two classes at a Wichita, Kan., location. Chris will provide follow-up lessons specifically designed for participants of Learn to Paint.

Held at SDP headquarters is one of several classes in Wichita. Society staff, family and friends also donated time and money to Learn to Paint.

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